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Kitchen Storage Solutions

Kitchen storage solutions are always on my mind lately!
The lakehouse kitchen doesn't have much storage.  We are keeping the circa 
1950 cabinets, and they are not as large as modern cabinets.  
So I am having to be creative in finding storage.  

Kitchen storage solutions

Guest Bedrooms

I can't believe it is nearly the middle of July!  What is it about summer that makes it fly by so fast?  Maybe it's all the fun and busy days...and the fact 
that it is so fleeting here in Minnesota! We had lots of beach time and family over the's such fun watching kids play in the lake.

Today I thought I'd share the guest bedrooms at the lakehouse!
We've been moving pieces from our house and it's fun to see things used in a new way!  It's always a work-in-progress, with more decorating to come 
as we continue to move, but you can see where we are going anyway!

Guest Bedrooms- Itsy Bits And Pieces