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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Simply Halloween...

Happy Halloween, everyone!  Thank you so much for all of your nice comments about the front porch decorating on my last post!  It has been a very busy fall around here with lots of family and work happenings, so my decorating is very simple and seasonal this year!  I just added a few pretty accents to what I already had in place.  Remember the sweet little pumpkins I posted about from Becky of Timewashed?

The mantel has been much the same since spring...I've been enjoying the simple look and just added some little white pumpkins and a glittery sign...

A few seasonal accents in the dining area...

Simple it is, this year...and I'm loving it!  Hope you have a wonderful Halloween!

Until next time...


  1. Happy Halloween Linda! Love the pumpkin on the scale...caught it on Pinterest and had to come on over to your blog:-) Still hoping for some Chinese Lanterns one day. Simple is good, I think. Best, Vicki

  2. Simple maybe, but beautiful, I love it all, Linda,-your scale with the brown pumpkin, and the angel with the white real one- lovely all.
    Happy Halloween, to you.

  3. Love the pumpkin on the scale and the Chinese Lanterns. I tried growing them a couple of years ago. They didn't grow, but maybe I'll try again next year.
    Happy Halloween!

  4. Linda- Everything looks fabulously Fall to me! Love that brown pumpkin and the scale!!! Blessings and Happy Halloween- xo Diana

  5. It looks beautiful, I love the basket of Japanese Lanterns. I went simple this year too, extremely simple (about 3 fabric pumpkins)!

  6. Those are quite lovely decorative touches! I hope you have a nice evening, with only treats and no tricks!

  7. I think simple can speak volumes! And your touches are lovely! I gasped at the velvet pumpkins as i made those a gifts this season using fabric from a dress I found at a thrift store. I had kept it for awhile and had no idea how to use it until this year. I thought they turned out so gosh darn cute!!

  8. Simple is also very simple to put away when Christmas comes. I like that funeral basket of orange blooms.

  9. Simple is better, I think! I am in love with that gorgeous velvet pumpkin! It is perfect on your scale!

  10. still loving that velvet pumpkin! happy halloween to you linda!

  11. Beautiful! I like simple that packs a punch.

  12. Linda,
    I tried to write yesterday...goofy computer. Anywho.......kismet happened . Iwas looking you up to email if you knew an artist with Suzanne as her first name and T. Was her last. I met Suzanne in 2008 at JB. Lost her info and been looking since! Imagine my surprise when I read your blog yesterday! Big Wowzer ! I loved your porch then to see Suzanne's name! Double thanks from Texas.
    Smiles, Alice

  13. Love your wicker bottle
    holders : ) You truly have
    the touch, Linda....simple,
    but LOVELY!!!

    Happy Halloween, sweet friend!

    xo Suzanne

  14. Your Japanese Lanterns are gorgeous in the vintage basket!!! Everything looks lovely.

  15. Beautiful! I love those things in your first photo...my neighbor across the street has those. What are they called? Great for decorating! Love your mantel.

  16. You do 'simple' beautifully!


  17. I followed your Pinterest link, cuz I'm Esther and I'm a pinaholic, and your boards blew my mind. I could repin each and every pin you have!! ---I didn´t---
    I am also enjoying reading your blog.
    So many pretties!!!

  18. As a writer, I subscribe to the adage that less is more. But, often in my decorating, I can't seem to apply the same discipline I apply to most of my writing. Your fall decorating looks perfectly simple to me. Spot on.

  19. I love simple! Some years are just too busy to do much decorating. Makes it simple to clean up after too. Love that velvet pumpkin. Mimi

  20. I love all your decor for Halloween! That pumpkin looks awesome. Did you make it? Thanks for stopping by my friend ;)
    Have a great Sunday!
    xoxo Liz

  21. You decorate so beautifully! I love simple, too.


  22. Hi Linda.
    Less is more beautiful. It's simple but beautiful!!
    Wishing you. wonderful week.
    XO Sharon


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