A Fun Lamp Makeover...

I had a tall, vintage alabaster lamp in storage.  I love alabaster lamps, but this one wasn't quite working for me!  It had two wood sections- a carved curved piece at the top, and a pedestal base- that were painted a very dark golden color, which does not really go in my home.
 Lately, I have seen many blogs which have spray painted lamps and chandeliers with lovely results, so thought maybe I would adapt that treatment.  I didn't want to paint the alabaster, of course, but decided to paint the wood sections to match! My lamp was a creamy off-white with some great mustard tones and some black veining.   I just used craft acrylic paints - an off-white, a dark mustard, and black, with a satin sealer.  Using a foam brush, I started out with a coat of off-white over both sections- just a light cover coat to allow the dark gold underneath to come through as shadows.
 I then mixed a little of the dark mustard (it is the paint on the far left in the pic) into the off-white and painted a light coat of that onto the lamp to get the color closer to the original alabaster.
 Next I added another light layer of off-white so the mustard areas and shadowing still showed through.
  Accents were next- more mustard in the seams and shadows, some black feathered veining- you can fix anything you don't like by stippling on some more off-white to soften it.
 This paint dries quickly and I liked working while the paint was a little wet for easy blending when I wanted to.  Once it was dry, I topped it off with a satin sealer, which gave it a soft surface glow which looked like the alabaster.  The whole project took me about 45 minutes!  I was happy with how it turned out and I have a new lamp for my home!

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Decorating With Old Books...

  I have a lot of old books.  For me, it's not about their value...as an antique dealer I tend to sell the books I find with value, to collectors who appreciate them.  I enjoy the graphics- the covers, and page art, and love to decorate with them in my home!  I also love books with special meaning.  Colorful covered books are definitely most plentiful and I find the white and off-white cover books the hardest to find.
 Sometimes, it's all about the cover design...beautiful deco designs, colors, pictures, or just the title.
  I kept the book "Larry's Speed Ball" because my husband is named Larry!
 I love very old antique leather bound books (many of these date from 1840-1870).   Most of mine have some damage, but I love them anyway.
 Some have beautiful marbleized covers or page edges, others have lovely inside papers- they are great to scan and use in artwork.
  I love this old copy of Macbeth with all the written notations inside...
 and this 1843 French lessons book.
 This set of miniature leather classics was a gift from my Aunt Sandy.
 I love to use books in decorating vignettes as they add a lot of character.
 The large David Copperfield book in this group was my late mother-in-law's when she was a teenager.
  I also have a large collection of childrens books and old school readers, but I'll save those for another day...  I'd love to hear about your special books and how you use them!
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Fun Finds...

 I've had some find finds at thrift stores lately!  My favorite is probably this absolutely charming old hand colored framed 8x10 photo of a young girl!  It's just so sweet and I love the homes in the background!
  I also found a great old cabin style painting on a carved board.  
 A lovely hand painted tole silent butler and two French school books are among the romantic style finds.
 I found a wire basket, a fabulous vintage hanging shop light, some weathered vintage clothespins, and a lovely antique carved tarnished silverplate creamer.
 At the antique sale I participated in, I bought one piece- a huge vintage darkened commercial baking pan for hot dog buns or eclairs- it just has such a graphic look as a piece of art or for a project!
 My thrift finds were rounded out with some vintage music flash cards and some fun sewing supply finds and booklets.
I loved my finds this week- you just never know what's waiting to be found!!
Thanks so much for all your kind comments...they are SO appreciated!
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A Very Simple Project Day...

 Well, our sale is over and we had a great time...today I am doing a few little projects sprucing up in the kitchen!  I brought home the leftover plants from our set-up - primrose, heather, ivy, and a fern- and placed them in a chippy pale aqua basket on the table.  Added two vintage porcelain birds and instant spring!
  I also did a simple framing project.  My daughter found some great little vintage store placards for $2.00 each at an antique store.
 I mounted one on a piece of heavyweight textured scrapbooking paper and used a great distressed frame that I found 1/2 off at Michaels.  I make my grandchildren waffles on the weekends they stay at our home, so it is perfect!  I'm going to frame the coffee card also, and the lunch box card will be used in a sale with some vintage black and silvery tin lunchboxes!
 I'm just enjoying relaxing today- so are my pugs!  They decided to curl up together in a sunny window this morning!  Enjoy the day!
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Great Fun at Haupt Antiek...

Today was the first day of the March sale at Haupt Antiek Market in Apple Valley, Minnesota!  Previously I shared some of our set up photos- today, as promised, I'll share some of the wonderful dealer displays!  This is a very talented group of people who make it a fun and wonderful place to be every month!  Enjoy some of this great eye candy- something for everyone...
owner Deb Haupt
Brenda Weber
Clare Heuer
Michelle Hesse
Cheryl Weir and Laura Schwanz
Lori Hopkins
Kari Blackwood
Kris Blair
Pam Cornell
 Barb Thul
Pam Saddoris
Debbie Houge
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