Sunday, January 31, 2010

Fun Finds...

I did a little antiquing and thrift store shopping this week and made some fun finds!   I'm always up for a day of treasure hunting!  My husband Larry, and daughter Liana, were my partners- and it's always fun to spend time together doing something we love!  We are always on the hunt for great old graphics, games, books- and those items we just can't live without!   We found a great box of old dice- wonderful colors!- some great antique animal cards, some vintage party stunt cards, and the greatest old paint chart!  Liana, as a visual artist, is always attracted to an item like that!  We also found some wonderful little cast metal pieces- an elephant head, a dancing girl, an old skate key, and a binoculars charm- they were in a dollar box!  I found some old games- I especially loved an old red metal skill ball game, which I will add to my my wall collection of old game boards.  I also found a sweet old cow print and a wooden star bracket.  Probably my favorite find this week was a rare antique Valentine's paper party hat!  15" high, it is made of crepe paper, lined in craft paper, and has fabulous graphics.  Unfortunately, it has a couple of ink spots, but other than normal wear, is relatively undamaged.  I have been unable to find anything info on anything like it- for $9, it was a steal!  If any of you have any info about a piece like this, I'd love to hear from you!  A day like this is always fun...can't wait to go again!


Friday, January 29, 2010

Bird in the Cage... - JUNKMARKET Style

Bird in the Cage... - JUNKMARKET Style
I posted a junk assemblage artwork project today, you can follow the link (the smaller title listing) to see the details.  Junkmarket Style is a fun place to browse, LOTS of wonderful projects and nice people!  This one will probably end up on etsy soon!
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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I LOVE Silverplate...

I LOVE silverplate!  I've noticed a lot of the blogs talking about it right now, and I can see why!  It's beautiful, useful, and goes with any decor!  I very often see it in all white decors- which I LOVE- but it can also be used with color!  I love color and pattern and use them freely in my decorating- mixing in silverplate finds in many places.  Sometimes I use it just for beauty, other times, it is functional, too.  I've found it pairs well with just about everything- even with my stainless steel appliances!  It runs the gamut of very ornate styling to clean lines, so it can be used in so many ways- I even use a large punch bowl in the entryway to hold gloves!  I keep pieces stored to use for many occasions- holding ornaments at Christmas, silverware at buffets, candle bases, etc- the ideas are endless...



Thursday, January 21, 2010


I love a little whimsy in life...something that just brings a smile to your face.  I LOVE whimsy in decorating- the unexpected little things that surprise you, make you smile, and make you look for more!  In our home there are many whimsical pieces hidden about.  My daughter and I were experimenting with painting "Man in the Moon" faces on old softballs- I added a funnel tin hat on one she did and placed him on a silverplate stand. I added a bingo ball and he now resides on a shelf in the kitchen- makes me smile everytime I look at him!  I also have some sweet old chalkware dolls-I always imagine the person painting these vintage craft projects.   I put a paper umbrella in one doll's hand, for instant fun!  Dog collectibles are whimsical without trying...I have some cute dog chalkware tucked in and about, and the little dog calendar is one I found that had the month and year of my husband's birth right on the front!  I love old portraits- we have a large 20 x 26 hand colored old photo of a boy and his dog as you walk in our home.  It is so charming and everyone wants to know who he is- it has started many stories as you wonder who he was and what his life was like...   There's also have a sweet baby portrait, that I hang in the winter- the baby is dressed so cute for the cold!   Whimsical vintage clocks- working or not- in unexpected places are fun.  Its the little details that make a house a home, and make it yours!  I'd love to hear about whimsy in your home!


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Winter at the lake...last chapter

The upstairs at the lake is done in a very different style than the rest of the house- it is softer and restful, done in blues, tans, and white.  It's easy to relax upstairs!  Our room is the smallest of the three bedrooms, and was inspired by a large print I found at a garage sale- a hammock and quilt on a breezy beachside porch.  I loved the feeling and wanted to hang out on that porch.  We used white furniture- an antique dresser, wicker nightstand and mirror, and a reproduction Windsor chair- all second hand finds.  I hung an 1800's Norwegian sailing print alongside a 50's paint-by-number, and added an old white shelf that I adorned with shells.  The quilt and shams on the bed are done in soft Americana tones and were found at a thrift store for $15!  The best decoration in the room is the view of the lake out the window!  The bathroom on this level is done in soft gray/blue, tan, and white.  It is done very simply and cleanly with sea bird prints, shells, and starfish hung over the simple white shade.  It includes a dormer window which gives the room architectural character.  The other two bedrooms are used by our oldest son and three grandchildren and have yet to be decorated- maybe we'll be inspired soon!


Monday, January 18, 2010

Winter at the Lake...part two

I have always loved lodge style decorating- I love the feeling of an Adirondack cabin.  Our vintage sort-of-Tudor style lakehome isn't really suited to a really rustic cabin style, so we have used peeled log and leather furniture (the sofa and one chair fold down for extra sleeping), antiques, and lots of vintage items we have collected.  The Chanute Field pillow cover I found at a sale was a special find- I was actually born there in 1954!  I have always loved old chalkware, too, and many pieces have found a home at the lake!  The colorful Pinto fruit label was on a crate I had no use for, as it was quite rustic, and I decided just to use the end as a piece of artwork.  I saved the remaining crate boards for future projects!  The game boards decorate two walls leading to our game room- the hallway is rather dark and they really brighten things up!  I have always loved the graphics found on these vintage game pieces!  A special piece I framed was made with five vintage bingo and lotto pieces- the numbers were our birth years, 51, 54, 74, 82, and 84.  Hope you enjoy seeing some more of our goodies- next time I'll share some bed and bath decorating from the house!  Linda