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Monday, February 18, 2013

Fun Finds...

It's been awhile since I've shared fun thrift store finds with you!  It's been pretty hit or miss here lately, but last week I found some goodies!  I love this large framed painted portrait~ looks like 40's era.  She'll be heading for our booth at the Spring Junk Bonanza in April...

Another find was this intricately woven old basket...

I always love finding itsy bits and pieces...a set of 75 bingo balls is already on the way to its new owner...

Scrabble letters...

I love the patina of this old tray...

This beautiful pair of Italian tole sconces is different from others I have seen...they are also on their way to their new owner...

But this find is staying with me!  I found it like this~ ready to hang!  It's always a surprise to find something like this in the thrift store!  I'm going to use it to display photos...

Love the chippy, rusty patina...

Bailey seems to like it, too...

It's a keeper, don't you think?

I am joining the Marketplace at Common Ground
there are so many more fun goodies there!

Until next time...


  1. Lots of goodies...I would keep the neat old wheel too! Have a great week!


  2. You found some treasures! Don't let Mr. VJIMT see that painting!

  3. Such great finds :)

    The painting tops them all something about the face and detail had to of taken lots of time and dedication.

  4. Love the basket and your wheel. I am constantly amazed at what is out there. We went to a great estate sale Saturday at a three story old old house that was beautiful. The young couple sold everything they owned to become missionaries. If I had been there Friday I could have been in real trouble.

  5. The thrill of the hunt!! It's so invigorating! :) And the finds are pretty awesome too! Love the wheel...I can see why that one isn't leaving home!

  6. Love it all! The wall candlelabra looks like it's heavy, not that cheap metal stuff they make them out of today-Nice!

  7. Such fun stuff there!!!!!!
    xo Kris

  8. Ooh, score!
    Love that 40's
    it be cool to know
    who she was
    and how her life
    turned out?

    Hope you are
    enjoying a lovely
    Pres Day!

    xo Suzanne

  9. Hi Linda, J'adore everything. Lot's of vintage finds and love the scrabble tiles! xo Pam

  10. Wonderful finds! The sconces are especially pretty. I hope you get to see a photo of them in their new home.

    Is Bailey a girl or boy? Dogs...wheels....just asking. :)

  11. Very cool wheel thing. Wonder what it was used for. I think I have found 3 things since the first of the year. It's driving me nuts, but hopefully the yard sales will start soon.

  12. What great finds, Linda! I would have a hard time parting with those gorgeous Italian sconces! I've never seen anything quite like them! Glad you are keeping a treasure for yourself:)

  13. I'm always so envious of your finds! :)

  14. Hello and thanks for your comment, Liv on the blog Livs Lyst is hosting "Den store koftejakten" the big kofte hunt. The intention is to dig out old kofte patterns and designs from the past century. Your finds are really fun, particularly that tray! Would fit in perfectly here ;-). That wheel is definately a keeper l agree :-)! Pam

  15. Linda, That wheel is just terrific. The first thing I thought of was picture display as well. Great find. And Rosie the Riveter! At least that's what came to my addled mind when I saw it. Bailey, as we know, has great taste. Ann

  16. Love, love, LOVE that bicycle wheel. I need to find one like that because I am making a clock!


  17. Dear Linda, you have had luck again...The tole sconces are stunning, and I love your wheel, too-and would have kept both :-)
    And surely also the basket and...and...
    Wish you a happy week,from cold snowy Bornholm.

  18. It's a keeper for sure! What a great idea to use it for holding pictures and I love the way it's mounted. That basket is gorgeous, such an unusual shape. It's no wonder the sconces have already sold. Thanks for sharing your fun finds.

  19. Hi Linda,
    I do love wicker baskets. So, you are selling at the JB in April...I hope it is as good as the fall sale.
    Have fun with your new treasure!

  20. A keeper for sure! You find the best stuff..inspiration!

  21. Your wheel is way more vintage and cooler than the one I had on my mantel at Christmas and Valentine's Day. I never find bingo cards or balls either. Very fun!

  22. You found some really great things! Love that old spoked wheel. I would keep it, too. Love the portrait, too- xo Diana

  23. I don't blame you for wanting to keep that. It's such a fun find. You'll have to show us a photo of it with you pictures in it.

  24. I always love your finds, Linda! I keep thinking that my sister and I need to have a road trip and come out for junk bonanza...

  25. You always find such great things, Linda! Love the bingo balls and your big wheel :)

  26. You have found some fabulous stuff once again! You must have some wonderful places to visit to find so many great things.

  27. Wow, these are some great finds...Wait puppy that is not a fire hydrant LOL! The wicker basket is beyond fabulous!


  28. Hi Linda, thank you for gracing your beauty over at my place, and the big joy is that you took the time to encourage my art, and posting.

    I would keep all your little treasured finds, that lady painting is great, so European in flavor and feel. I almost feel compelled to name her :)

    My daughters name is Hannah, but her middle name is Bailey lol!

    That wheel is a big keeper, I so wish it were a find of mine, love these interesting artful finds, you could tag and clip on messages and tags and notecards of inspiration to the spokes!

    See you soon and all you inspire.

  29. Hi Linda, what lovely finds! My absolute favourite is the 1940s portrait....she's clearly doing some sort of work. Wonderful thanks for sharing. Sharon x

  30. While I may like the bingo balls, I'd have to pick that old wheel. I could put it in any number of places, that is if I had any wall space left.


  31. Bingo balls, sconces and spokes, oh my! I totally would have bought all of those. We went to check out a wagon wheel yesterday I didn't fall in love with it. I ended up with a metal cut out of a bobcat for yard art though!

  32. Great thrift store finds, Linda! Love the wheel. I haven't found anything good at the thrift stores lately.

  33. Lovely blog www.adoramehitabel.blogspot.co.uk

  34. Oh, my gosh.... you scored big time!!! Would you believe I have been searching for bingo balls? And they slipped right out of my little fingers! Rats!! But never mind that now. I am going to arm wrestle you over the wheel!!! LOve it... LOve it....!!!! I might try to make it to Junk Bonanza in April. Too good a show to pass up!

  35. Out topic for a second here: What a cute dog!!!:) Would love to see more of him.:)
    Ok back to the topic. hehehe My favorites are the old tray(absolute gorgeous) and the italian tole sconces. Wow great finds Linda!!!
    take care

  36. It's a keeper for sure! I wish I'd find some scrabble letters and love that basket!

  37. Love the bingo balls and that bike rim wall hanging is amazing! Lucky you :)

  38. You did find some unique and pretty things. That old wheel will be so neat to clip pictures on. It's very industrial chic looking.

  39. OMG Linda, I thought we had good thrift stores but I've never seen anything like that around here!

  40. Some great finds Linda! Adore the sconces. Hope they went to a good home. Mimi

  41. What fantastic finds! I definitely need to do some thrifty shopping soon. It's been a while! xxx

  42. What fun finds!

    I love them all especially the tray and the wheel...

    Karen x

  43. There you go again Miss Linda. Finding the most fabulous goods..always the most unique if I might add. You got this hunting thing down. Happy Sunday...I just took a short break from cleaning to catch up.


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