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Monday, January 21, 2013

An "As Simple as it Gets" Project...

If you've been following me for a while, you know I love an EASY project, and I love graphics! This so simple project combines both!  Recently, I found some little paper clip-on chandelier shades at the thrift store and decided to use one for what I had in mind...I was going to stencil it, but a rounded shade like this isn't the easiest piece to stencil cleanly...

Then I thought of these... 

I dug into my vinyl sticker letter stash and just quickly added a fun graphic to the shade.  With an old tarnished silverplate candlestick and a flameless candle...it is vintage with a modern twist!  Of course, you wouldn't want to use it over a flame or heated bulb, but it works perfectly here!

I love the bit of whimsy it adds!

I am joining Debra at The Marketplace at Common Ground 
with some fun etsy goodies!  Hope you'll stop by, too!

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  1. Hi Linda, it's great, really eye catching! Have a lovely day. Sharon

  2. Great idea! I need to restock these letters.

  3. Clearly your are brilliant. Again. I actually have some of those stickers in silver though. Wonder if that color would show up on a shade?

  4. When I saw what you did I said out load HMMM VERY SMART!!! I love this idea!

    The Joyful Thrifter

  5. The little shade looks lovely with it's new number. Have a sweet day.
    Hugs, Cindy

  6. Very, very cute, Linda- I really like the stick on graphics~ xo Diana

  7. LOVE an easy project...and this is adorable :)

  8. You think of the neatest things!

    Karen x

  9. I really like your project and easy too...

  10. What a neat idea, Linda! Love the tarnished silver candlestick. I imagine you could remove the numbers and add little phrases or words, too!

  11. Simple, elegant and a little bit of whimsy! Very nice, Linda!

  12. Would you please install a "like" button on here? Actually don't because then we would miss out on commenting. What a clever idea - I think it looks great. Ann

  13. The letters were a great idea. Love the candle stick with shade.

  14. Very professional! It looks like the lampshade was purchased with the graphics already on it!

  15. Oh man, that turned out so well !!!!!

  16. I love quick and easy projects and this one is such a great idea. That tarnished candlestick is perfect for the shade.

  17. So very cute; love this!! :) (And right up my alley on the degree of difficulty!)

  18. I love this project Linda! I've been working on some lampshades too....great thinking with the stick ons! :)

  19. Wow! I love it Linda!
    It is simple...and oh so very cute.

    Just thought I'd let you know that the etsy purchase I made from your shop arrived today! Thanks so much. I love letters so much I could eat them for breakfast! Ha!

    ciao bella
    I also have my eye on that Father cup you have in your other shop....which I didn't really know you had other shops, btw. !!

    creative carmelina

  20. I love it - brilliant idea! :)

    I'd like to invite you to check out my thrifted link up!


  21. Love the whimsy of it! :) Very cute!

  22. Very cute! Visiting from Wendy's Link party. xxx


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