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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Fun Finds and a Giveaway...

Made a trip to one of my favorite local thrift stores Friday and came back with some fun, eclectic finds!  My daughter and I are always on the hunt for pieces for our sales and etsy, but one of the perks of the job is we get first pick of the treasures!  That was the case on this trip with a charming little 19th century oil painting- Liana decided it was going home with her!  We also found a lovely engraved silverplate coffee/teapot- I particularly love pieces with lots of engraved decoration and tarnish.

A miniature dog figurine caught my eye, as did a sweet little violets dish.

We made some good graphics and ephemera finds- some old 30's Liberty Weekly newsboy prize coupons and old 30's Wheaties boxtops.

My favorite discovery was an 1889 Botany book- worn, leather-bound, with descriptions and decorative plates- it will be fun to reproduce for graphics!

Word of a new giveaway from Sylvia's Vintage Daughter !

To celebrate her one year blog anniversary she is putting together a junk giveaway!  Kathy has a fun blog with great ideas and posts fun items on Junkmarket Style !  You'll enjoy the visit!
Until next time...

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Floral Paintings...

I have always loved old floral paintings!  Whether they are done by professional or "Sunday painters", I love their charming and sometimes naive qualities.  If they are damaged, and many of mine are...I just consider it part of their charm and old age (I wish I could feel the same way about my own aging process LOL).  They just add a spot of color and life into any room.  I have a couple of Sunday painter deep red roses paintings- you can just imagine the person working on these in the late 1800's to early 1900's.

   This old pottery wall plaque is very Art Nouveau- it is large and hand painted with beautiful pansies.  From the writing on the reverse, it appears to have been done in an Arts and Crafts school for women- I find this very interesting!

  If you have been reading my blog, you will remember this lovely foxglove Valentine painting.

I also have an old yard long still life and a petite little roses painting that was a gift from a dear friend.
 My favorite floral painting however, is not old- it was my daughter's very first oil painting done as a 17 year old teenager, eight years ago.  It showed all the promise and talent of a young artist and I framed and hung it in our entryway.  It keeps a special moment in time for me!  Do you have artwork that is special to you?
 Until next time...

Monday, February 22, 2010

Fun Weekend Finds...

My husband and I took off for the weekend for a little rest and relaxation!  We stopped in at a multi-dealer shop in Fairmont MN called Mixed Nuts .  Lots of fun booths with interesting items- and many different styles.  I love vintage suitcases and found a decorative one with a charming interior!


I also found some great vintage sewing pieces- an unusual pincushion, I love the almost industrial look- and some great thimbles, spools (I love the shapes and labels on these old beauties), and lace.  Look at the vintage engraved safety type golden pin on the pincushion- it was on some millinery flowers I bought there.

  A lovely old floral bowl, a trinket box, a couple of old graphic wood blocks, and a wonderful old receipt book from the early 1900's rounded out my finds!  
I always love a fun antiquing day!  Until next time...

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Some Well Deserved Shout Outs...

I've been waiting for a long time (along with many of you) for the debut edition of Flea Market Style Magazine !  I loved it so much- it was everything I hoped for and more!  Wonderful editorial content, photographs, ideas- I've read and re-read it!  Congratulations to Ki and Matthew and all of the other talented people who produced it!  It was fun especially for me to read articles featuring friends- page 16 featured my friend and fellow dealer Barb Brooker's flower frog collection!  She is the nicest person and has a great eye for wonderful cottage style primitives!  Also on pages 18-21 friends Jane Hall   and Sara Smith were featured in Book Smart- they have wonderful monthly sale shops in Carver, Minnesota and are fellow Junk Bonanza dealers.  My daughter, Liana Dresselhaus, did the graphics for the calendar page used on page 18- she is a very talented illustrator and graphic designer and her mom is proud of her!  The magazine is such fun- if you haven't seen it, it's in stores now!  Congrats everyone!
Until next time...

Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Very Simple Project Day...

My daughter and I are in a monthly cottage style/junk/antique sale next month, so I am starting to work on a few projects!  We have lots of little goodies for artwork, scrapbooking, and altered art that we specialize in, and decided to find a decorative way to sell them that would allow for a nice display in our area as well as in someone's studio.  I had a lot of little glass bottles from a garage sale, in storage and decided to use them.

After a good washing in the dishwasher, they were sparkling and ready to use.  I gathered together old cards and paper, keys, game pieces, spools, letters, etc, and set down to make some simple tags to tie on the filled jars with hemp cord.

I thought they had a nice, simple graphic look.  Next, I am going to try decoupaging and altering some of the bottles- if they turn out, I'll post on that later!
Until next time...


Monday, February 15, 2010

Milk Glass and a Giveaway...

I love the versatility of milk glass!  There are so many different styles and pieces that it can go with any decor!  I am not really a collector, I just have ended up with some pretty pieces that I enjoy using.  I recently found a punch bowl set in a thrift shop.  I saw a photo in Country Living magazine a few years back of a milk glass punch bowl full of lemonade with lemon slices floating on top (sorry about the photo quality- I've had the clipping in my file for awhile!).  I thought it was so lovely and could imagine it with punches at every holiday or occasion, so was very happy to finally find mine!  I love its swirled design and think it would also be nice as a serving bowl for salads, etc.
from Country Living Magazine

  I also have a footed cake plate- I love footed cake plates and DO have a collection of those.   My three little hobnail goblets serve as sweet vases when lined up on a table.  My favorite piece however, is an antique Victorian footed fruit basket!  I love its ornate openwork and basketweave decoration...maybe I am collecting milk glass!
For more fun, Laura of 52 Flea is having a wonderful giveaway to celebrate her one year blogging anniversary!  If you haven't visited her beautiful blog (but I'm sure you probably have), you are in for a treat!  She always has the most beautiful visuals and photography!  To celebrate her anniversary she is offering a giveaway of the Spring Edition of Jeanne D' Arc Living Magazine, a $50 gift certificate towards a handcrafted piece of jewelry by Lisa Leonard Designs, and the Winter edition of Somerset Life, in which Laura and 52 Flea is featured!  Congratulations, Laura!
Until next time....

Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Charming Old Valentine...

Several years ago, while thrift store shopping (imagine that!) I found a lovely vintage framed hollyhocks oil painting.  It had some damage, but I found it utterly charming!  It was signed by the artist, A. H. Kater, and was inscribed on the front- "To our Valentine Marilyn Jo Kater".  The backside is signed- "To Our Valentine Marilyn Jo Kater from Grand Mother and Grand Father Kater 1937".  I actually think AH Kater is a listed artist, but I was much more attracted to the fact that it was done as a valentine to his granddaughter so long ago.  It has lovely muted tones and is such a sweet painting!  I am the caretaker for this special memento for now, and it hangs in our bedroom.  Hope you all will spend Valentine's Day with those you love...
Until next time...

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Another day...Another Thrift Shop

Yesterday, my husband and I decided to go out for lunch and visit a couple of thrift shops- the best kind of day!  I found this lovely old spring botanical print- I love the muted colors on the tulip, lilac, and narcissus!  I also found a beautiful old silvery footed tray with a porcelain violets insert- it has some cracks through it and I guess someone didn't want it anymore...a few cracks never bother me, just adds a little character.  I bought up a bag of old trims and yarns and found these fun rick racks hidden inside- I love the "Prudence" little girl graphics!  Vintage wood hangers are never passed up, especially at 20 cents each!  I also love shell art souvenir pieces- a kitschy Flamingo scene, that will end up on etsy, and a decorative little box.  I do love to treasure hunt...can't wait to see what I find tomorrow...
Until next time...