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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Vintage Tole Trays...

 I first started collecting tole trays probably 20 years ago...back then you could find them at sales for a dollar.  It's still possible, but not as likely today with many so people collecting them!  I've sold most in my collection, as they lost their place in redecoratings, but I still have several that I enjoy in my home.  I often am attracted to trays with a vintage patina- paint wear, etc, or something a little different.  Different sizes and shapes are fun!  The tray above is an old French oval tray- I love the colors, the hand painted floral motif, patina, and even the wear from over the years.  I also have some trays with rich colors- deepest blue-green with red florals, red trays, black.
  I have a couple of trays that are not traditional metal tole trays- one hand painted wood tray with fruits and peeling paint, and a metal tray which has an applied fruit print.
 Tole trays make great art pieces on the wall, and accents in little nooks, etc.  I'm always happy to run into them when I'm out thrifting and antiquing!
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  1. I love the trays too...but they are harder to find. I have a little luck at the thrift stores and for some reason...they get overlooked and priced really low. For instance the black one I found was .89 and 1/2 off of that!

    I only own a few though..was thinking about adding some to my kitchen but have not decided.

  2. Hi Linda, What a great tray collection~you and I sure like the same things!! I would have loved to seen the ones you sold! Have a good weekend, Julie

  3. These are beautiful. Don't see many of them in the shops these days. ~ Angela

  4. those are so pretty, my husbands aunt does that, or used to...and her works are beautiful too....

    wonderful collection! I shall think of you every time I see one now! ciao bella

  5. You have a beautiful collection of trays. They really make wonderful art for your walls. Such great colors.

  6. Linda I love these trays I have a few myself, never thought to hang them though!!~ Great colors!

  7. You've got some really lovely trays, there. I think its funny when "experts" say something has too much wear and tear to be valuable. I guess it depends on what you value. I like for a piece to show its life. Lezlee

  8. Man Linda, I just want to see your house! You have the COOLEST collections! Lisa
    PS Face down.

  9. Your trayes, are so very beautifull,Linda-- I love all things roses, so your collection for me, is fantastic.
    Don`t find that here ,anymore.

    Have a lovely friday dear.
    xo Dorthe

  10. I can't believe you've located that many trays. They are really beautiful -- so vintage. What a wonderful collection! Have a great weekend. My son's coming home from college for his spring break (yippee...I'll have something to do.)

  11. I just love these. Sweet collection.

    Necel from the Old House in Texas

  12. I love your beautiful trays, especially the first photo of the lovely French one!

    Kat :)

  13. I love your collection of tole trays. Such great colors and sizes. Thanks so much for following my blog. Great to meet new friends...Kim

  14. They're really pretty! I love using trays as wall art!


  15. I saw this on your sidebar, and realize it is an older post but wanted to comment. I collect the trays too and recently decided to sell some of mine (the black ones) while buying others that are in colors, like pink and cream. I am using them in my kitchen redecorating and so I was happy to see this on your blog. I love the frenchy green one. And the long narrow black one...


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